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Advantages of the automation of functional testing

  1. Acceleration of execution: computers are much faster than humans in executing functional testing scripts, which allows more tests to be conducted in less time, more applications to be tested in a given period and more projects to be released
  2. Greater test coverage : automated functional testing products support the execution of test scripts for all browsers, operating systems and other common environments. With automated tools, regression tests for continuously changing applications and environments are easier than with manual processes. In addition, testing process automation allows you to perform calculations, manipulate data sets and quickly create multiple iterations of tests to expand test case coverage (with automated test tools you can quickly emulate any mix of transactions and any user workload
  3. Accuracy and early detection of defects : developers are able to replicate and document software defects more quickly and effectively, thus helping to streamline development processes and, at the same time, verify the correct functionality of all environments, data sets and business processes;
  4. Definition of formalized processes : automation encourages test teams to formalize their processes, which leads to greater consistency of activities and better documentation
  5. Greater reusability of the tests : once the scripts are defined, the developers can use, reuse and integrate the test suite as they make changes to their applications.

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