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How to find the version of a node.js / npm package installed?

This prints the version of npm itself:

npm -v <package-name>

This prints a cryptic error:

npm version <package-name>

This prints the version of the package on the registry (ie the latest version available):

npm view <package-name> version

How do I get the installed version ?


Suppose my version of the grunt module is 0.4.5:

npm view grunt version => 0.4.5
npm info grunt version => 0.4.5
npm show grunt version => 0.4.5
npm v grunt version    => 0.4.5


Now all I have to do is type:

  • npmv for the version of npm for example: laNPM version is: 4.2.0
  • npmv <package-name> for the local version, for example:0.8.08
  • npmv <package-name> g for the global version, for example:0.8.09
  • npmv <package-name> l for the latest version eg:0.8.10

Note -d on the cutting command means delimiting with, followed by @, then f means field 2 means second field because there will be one of the two sides of the @ symbol.


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