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Protractor browser functions list with description

Function Description
angularAppRoot Set the css selector for an element on which to find Angular.
waitForAngularEnabled If set to false, Protractor will not wait for Angular $http and $timeout tasks to complete before interacting with the browser.
getProcessedConfig Get the processed configuration object that is currently being run.
forkNewDriverInstance Fork another instance of browser for use in interactive tests.
restart Restart the browser.
restartSync Like restart, but instead of returning a promise resolving to the new browser instance, returns the new browser instance directly.
useAllAngular2AppRoots Instead of using a single root element, search through all angular apps available on the page when finding elements or waiting for stability.
waitForAngular Instruct webdriver to wait until Angular has finished rendering and has no outstanding $http or $timeout calls before continuing.
findElement Waits for Angular to finish rendering before searching for elements.
findElements Waits for Angular to finish rendering before searching for elements.
isElementPresent Tests if an element is present on the page.
addMockModule Add a module to load before Angular whenever Protractor.get is called.
clearMockModules Clear the list of registered mock modules.
removeMockModule Remove a registered mock module.
getRegisteredMockModules Get a list of the current mock modules.
get See webdriver.WebDriver.get
Navigate to the given destination and loads mock modules before Angular.
refresh See webdriver.WebDriver.refresh
Makes a full reload of the current page and loads mock modules before Angular.
navigate Mixin navigation methods back into the navigation object so that they are invoked as before, i.e.
setLocation Browse to another page using in-page navigation.
getLocationAbsUrl Deprecated, use browser.getCurrentUrl() instead.
debugger Adds a task to the control flow to pause the test and inject helper functions into the browser, so that debugging may be done in the browser console.
enterRepl See browser.explore().
explore Beta (unstable) explore function for entering the repl loop from any point in the control flow.
pause Beta (unstable) pause function for debugging webdriver tests.
controlFlowIsEnabled Determine if the control flow is enabled.



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