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Protractor test architecture example

I am sharing with you one of the examples for the Protractor test architecture for your UI / E2E tests. Application Automated Testing that will serve as Guide Line for e2e testing using Protractor.

The application we are going to test is a simple application that can be accessed by the URL!/list

This is the just an educational purpose only

Protractor Test Architecture For UI / E2E Tests

For study purposes only, we will use two ways to test an application with Protractor. Each one has its own configuration file (Note: In real applications, it is not advisable to use more than one configuration file).

You can use it for both angular js and node js. ( End-to-end testing with the protractor for non-angular applications )

The first way is by using Cucumber . In the e2e / cucumber-example folder are the tests using cucumber integrated with the protractor.

The other way is by using Jasmine . In the e2e / jasmine-example folder are the tests using jasmine.

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