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Five tips for beginners

Knowledge of programming logic

How jump start in test automation

For those wishing to join the exciting automation activity of systems testing it is important that you have knowledge in programming logic. If you do not already have it, it is important to seek this knowledge so that you do not have difficulties when performing automation courses and assembling the execution scripts.
Choose a language that has the most affinity
One reason some people fail to start automating testing is that they need to be knowledgeable in some programming language. This may scare you at first, but in the course of the executions, you will see that you do not need to be a systems development expert to assemble the test scripts.
It is important to be aware of some language such as Java, C #, Ruby, Python and Javascript (node), which are the most used for automation. The area also requires knowledge in object orientation, control of loops, and handling of exceptions and conditions. When using the Java language, for example, it is important to know some libraries to optimize their script

Tools for automation

One of the most commonly used tools for automating testing is undoubtedly Selenium. It has several components that aid in the automation process. One is Selenium WebDriver, which is widely used for testing accuracy and support for browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, as well as for various platforms and drivers for web and mobile applications.

Take courses

Often, we get lost in the face of so much information and content made available for free, either through the internet or books. Therefore, one has to filter these materials and absorb only those that add value to the knowledge process. In this way, it is worth investing in a course that has the reference in the market, as following the guidelines of an experienced instructor to answer your questions is of paramount importance.
There are online courses that offer quality in their services provided. The advantage of distance learning is flexibility in study times. Over time, one gains the ability to study only through books, tutorials, documentation, etc. But when starting in a certain area, it is important to take courses to get information on the path to be followed.

Study routine

Following a study routine is a challenge for most people as we live in a time when the time has become precious. So, learn to manage your time, choose to wake up early or sleep later. Organize your daily time with routine activities such as gym, work, study and household chores, not neglecting food.
Highlighting on the studies, determine the day and fixed the schedule for the automation course to be held. Make an effort and always be ready to study on defined days and times. If you do not have availability to dedicate more than one day a week. Study in only one day, but do it flawlessly and with dedication.
I hope reading this article will awaken in you the desire to learn and invest as soon as possible in automation. Because this is the future of software testing and quality.
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