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User analysis and user experience research survey

The Heuristic Evaluation is a simple, effective and low-cost method for evaluating interfaces.

The user experience consultant (in this case I!) Puts himself in the shoes of the typical user – target – of the site to be analyzed and tries to carry out a series of tasks to identify the possible critical aspects of the interface. A site check-up is then performed to test the most important tasks (tasks) that it must support. For example, for an e-commerce, it will be important to focus on a task such as a process of purchasing a product.

For a showcase site, it will be important to understand how effective it is in providing all the information to communicate well the services it offers and how to be contacted. And so on.

The output of this service consists of a simple report indicating the critical issues emerging from the evaluation and the possible re-design solutions for each simulated task.

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